About Yarra Junction Primary School


Yarra Junction Primary School is located on the Warburton Highway, 65 kilometres east of the Melbourne GPO, in the scenic rural township of Yarra Junction. The school was established in 1894 and the staff take pride in the active role that our great school plays in the local community. Student numbers have steadily increased from 228 and currently total 238 (Highest enrolment 247).


The school offers a wide range of learning experiences including programs in the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Library, Physical Education and LOTE (Chinese). Extra curricular programs include skiing, surfing, scuba diving, rock climbing, school camps, music tuition, school concert and a 5/6 band.



There is a firm commitment to fostering student wellbeing and inclusion through an extensive range of support programs. A school devised program, The Junction Way – ‘Steps to Success’, contributes to a positive school culture as it centres on the school values and relationships.


Our school is committed to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students. We believe that students can reach their full educational potential only when they are happy, healthy and safe, and when there is a positive school culture to engage and support them in their learning. Our school acknowledges that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked.





A cornerstone of our philosophy is that we have high expectations for all of our children. We expect all children to develop high academic and social skills that will enable them to be lifelong learners, who will lead rich and fulfilling lives.


Our expectation is that excellence in learning will take place with students, staff and parents. This partnership and high expectations has enabled us to maintain outstanding results.


We are very proud of our school, staff and most importantly, our amazing children. Our students are achieving excellent results and developing strong character skills through 'The Leader in Me' program. Parents strongly endorse the teaching and learning program at Yarra Junction and our aim is to enhance our community through education.


Yarra Junction Primary School is extremely proud of its achievements in student learning; great teachers produce great results and we strive to make sure ALL children achieve their best.


EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION - is the motto that we live by everyday