School Production 2020

It is with absolute delight that I announce our Production for 2020 will be “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”.

It is with absolute delight that I announce our Production for 2020 will be “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. While the current Covid-19 situation has forced us to make some significant changes to the format of our show, I can’t wait to see our students shine in a totally fresh and unique way.

This year, students in Years Prep to 5 will have the opportunity to experience “a night at the theatre”. There will be no class items, rather the students will become part of the audience and feel the excitement of dressing up in their best outfits and immersing themselves in the performance on stage. They will each be given a program and have the chance to buy popcorn and choc tops; it will be like the days of old where a trip to the theatre was a really big deal!

But that’s not all. We are going to create a Christmas spectacular for the end of the year where each grade will perform a Christmas carol, as they usually do, but there’ll be costumes and props; it will be grander than ever before. This is where every child will have the opportunity to express their gifts in song and dance and enjoy the respect, collaboration and thrill that comes from performing alongside their classmates.

So, in effect, we’ve got two mini Productions to enjoy this year! I am so thankful and excited about that!

Another change will see only the Grade 6s auditioning for the lead roles. There are several reasons for this.

As the Performing Arts teacher, I have been researching and refining my curriculum for the Year 6 students to better prepare them for their transition to Secondary school. By focusing on stage craft and character analysis in this year’s Production, the Year 6s will be taking a step closer towards transitioning to Year 7 with expectation, confidence and a greater level of skill.

The show also holds great significance for our Year 6 students as they were in Prep when YJPS last performed this show. What an amazing way for the students to finish their Primary school journey by now taking the lead roles in what was their first YJPS Production!

Finally, nobody is sure how long the current social distancing rules will be in place. Therefore, we are limiting the number of students on stage to ensure we can safely put on a show by reducing the number of roles offered.

Similarly, with several local performance venues yet to re-open, dates, times and a specific venue for the Production are yet to be finalised. We will keep you informed when the details are confirmed however, tickets will be free for all current students of YJPS. The Christmas Spectacular will be held at YJPS towards the end of Term 4.

While the current situation we find ourselves in has posed challenges for us all, I can’t help but be excited about what’s in store for our students in the area of Performing Arts. I can almost hear the nervous laughter from the performers backstage and see the faces of the children in the audience as they await the arrival of Willy Wonka. Let’s get ready to experience some magic as we look forward to celebrating two events, showcasing the amazing talent of the students from Yarra Junction Primary School.

With Warmest Wonka Wishes,


Mrs Taikato

Production Co-ordinator